Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017

Adzcoin as Crypto investment - Why not?

Right now, cryptocurrencies seeming to be a good investment in the long or mid range. If you take  alook t Ethereum or Bitcoin, i can´t see a reason why it should decline again, but what is about Adzcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Adzcoin is one of a few currencies with a real world value behind it! As 1 ADZ equalys a specific amount of Ad Views inside Adzbuzz, there is a direct usage for Adzcoin! If the Adzbuzz popularity increases, the ADZ value will increase too! Watch this short video for more facts behind Adzcoin making it an investment witha  low risk but a high possible reward!

Click here to get your Adzcoin wallet or visit my Website Adzvault to learn more about the entire conzept behind Adzbuzz and Adzcoin!

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