Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Adzcoin Project Explained in Detail

Watch the following video to get a complete inside look into the Adzcoin project, Adzbuzz and the whole network of sites!

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Adzbuzz is not only a social network paing its members just like TSU, its in fact a lot more! Adzbuzz offers effective advertising, a PoS (Prove of Stake) like service to make a passive income, the Adzbuzz will be released soon, this will become the social sharing app to get your conent shared on Adzbuzz while you earna  recurring income and much more! Just watch the whole video and you will know what I´m talking about!

Benefits for internet Users

- earn daily adz for loggingin and other actions (Installing the browser extention for example)
- Interact with your friends and family members
- help to make the Internet less annoying and distracting
- Save if you buy something online
- get discounts or pay for your goods in Adz

Benefits for internet marketer, Website owner and product vendors

- get paid regulary just for installing the Adzbuzz Sharing app (comes soon)
- get traffic from shares on Adzbuzz
- Invite your visitors to Adzbuzz (though the sharing button) and build your downline
- Use Adzbuzz to build upa  relationship and increase shares and earnings the same time!
- Buy additional traffic using Adzcoin

Ensure to take a look at this article to learn more about Adzcoin, the cryptocurrency related to the Adzbuzz social network!

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