Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016

Adzcoin V2 - how to Swap your old Adzcoin to Adz V2

New Update: ADZ v2 will not be released, the old Adzcoin Blockchain will be kept! Learn more about the Features and Possibilities here!

In this important update, I want to tell ou why Adz V1 will be discontinued, why you should be happy about it and how to turn your old Adzcoins into the new Adzcoin V2 token!

The Reason - 1 Year Free Traffic and 10% Interest

First of al, the main reason for this desicion is the fact, that a theft was able to steal a hughe amount of  Adz V1 some weeks ago! This is the main reason for the swap (Click here to read more about the reason)
The swap will be active till the 50.000.000 adz V1 is mined, then the old blockchain will become inactive, and the new Adzcoin V2 Crowdsale will start (10 Mil.Coins will be sold for .50 USD each). Each Adz V2 will represent a fraction of all Adviews on Adzbuzz and sister sites, this will give Adz V2 a amazing value right from the start, especialy as you don´t need to spend your adz in order to get advertising, you just need to lock your Adzcoin for a 1 year period to be able to advertise for free on Adzbuzz (As you don´t pay, just store your money .... Click here to read more!).

Adzcoin V2 

Adzcoin V2 is directly connected to the advertising oppertunity on Adzbuzz. The targeting and advertising will work similar to Facebook once the new ad server is ready, and with 1.000.000 of pageviews per day on Adzbuzz (and its still in the prelaunch phase), ther eis a hugh potential to make money not only by the increasing Adzcoin value (More Adzbuzz users = More Adviews = More Value per Adz), but by advertising your websites, oppertunities,products on Adzbuzz as well! The third mechanism to make it evenmore attractive is the 10% inflation, which will be paid to Adzcoin Advertisers, see the example below or here!

Prelaunch Bonus

Beside the fact that you can buy Adzcoin V1 for pennies right now, and turn it into Adzcoin V2 in a 1 to 1 ratio, there is another bonus why you really should care about these changes, and get yourself a few adzcoin V1 to be part of this oppertunity :

10 Million Adz v2 will be sold inside the ICO for 0.50 usd each. This can turn out in 5 Million USD, 20% will be distributet amongs all Buzzpower holder (Read Adz V2 holder), as there are just 40.000.000 Adzcoins, you can earn up to :

1000     ADZ =     25 USD
10000   ADZ =   250 USD
100000 ADZ = 2500 USD

Read more about this exclusive bonus here!

Paid as bonus just for acting now (Or beeing a part of it already)

How to Swap your Coins -Step by Step

Here are the steps to swap your existing coins, or to get even more on Yobit or Livecoin to prepare for the Launch :

1. Buy Adzcoin on Yobit or Livecoin by following these instructions
2. Create an Adzbuzz Account if you havn´t already by Clicking here!
3. After logging in, click on the My Adzcoin link inside the top right menue!
4. Copy your wallet address and send your AdzcoinV1 to your Adzbuzz online wallet!
5. All coins stored in your wallet will be turned into Adz v2 on autopilot!

Do not miss to read this short pdf for a much more detailed report about Adzcoin V2!

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